Indoor and Outdoor Storage Benches

30 inch storage bench are a very versatile piece of furniture as they can be used in just about any room in the house. Additionally, they are not only practical for indoor furniture, but they can also be used as outdoor furniture.

Whether you are looking for benches that will be used in your home our outside, you should think about whether you want the bench to come with storage or not. There is a lot of wasted space underneath a bench, so it makes sense to buy a storage bench where you can store items underneath the seat.

With a storage bench, most have a seat that lifts up in order to allow a person to gain access to the storage compartment. The compartment is actually quite large and many household items can be stored within the storage area. For example, if the bench is going to be place in a bedroom, you could use this area to store clothing or linen. Perhaps you have a conservatory, you could then use the storage bench to store magazines and newspapers. These benches are also perfected for a child’s bedroom where all their toys can be safely stored inside the bench which in turn keeps their bedroom neat and tidy.

The look of the bench is just as important as the practicality. Most storage benches are made from wood as this keeps the price down and makes the item much lighter to handle. They can be bought in different types of wood and different colors, so you shouldn’t have a problem matching the bench to the decor of the room.

If the bench is to be used outdoors, make sure that it has been built for that purpose. The bench needs to be sealed and all the materials used in the construction need to withstand the outside weather. In order to protect your bench and make it last as long as possible outside, it is advisable to buy a bench cover. These covers are made from plastic and can protect your outside furniture from all elements during the winter months when the furniture will not be used.